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Local Philippines: Loco Over Oriental Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro is making big waves as one of the primary ecotourism destinations
in the Philippines. Covering an area of 4,238.4 square kilometers, the
province is surrounded by lush green forests and crystal clear waters
harboring various animal and plant species. A study revealed that
Oriental Mindoro, which is located in Southern Tagalog Region, is among
the places blessed with a rich biodiversity across the Philippines and
Southeast Asia.

Its unspoiled beaches make Oriental Mindoro a favorite among water
sports enthusiasts. They said that the province, which is situated
around 140 kilometers south of Manila, has some of the country’s best
diving spots. Easy access to public transport also allows Oriental
Mindoro to become a magnet for local and foreign tourists seeking to
have a break from the city life. Currently, there are a combined 35
daily trips from Batangas City International Port to Calapan.

Tourists will never run out of activities to do in the province. A wide selection of attractions
from pristine beaches to colorful festivals awaits visitors in Oriental
Mindoro. The following are some of the reasons why this island paradise
is one of the leading travel destinations in the Philippines.

Puerto Galera

Aside from Boracay and Palawan, Puerto Galera is home to some of the
country’s finest beaches. This coastal town, which is only roughly three
hours from Manila, boasts of some of the most diverse coral reef diving
sites in Asia. Two of the top attractions in town are Sabang Beach and
White Beach. There are dozens of resorts and accommodations that will
fit your interest and budget in Puerto Galera.

Mt. Halcon

Oriental Mindoro is also an ideal place for the adventurous. The
municipality of Baco is home to Mt. Halcon, the third highest peak in
the country. Towering over 8,000 feet above sea level, the mountain
provides a sanctuary for a wide variety of flora and fauna. Despite its
enticing beauty, Mt. Halcon is considered the most difficult to climb
among Philippine mountains due to frequent rains and occasional floods.

Aras Cave

Another popular attraction in Oriental Mindoro is Aras Cave. This
natural wonder in the municipality of San Teodoro has unique stalactite
formations. What keeps tourists from flocking to this cave is the
presence of a falls inside. Aras Cave has placed San Teodoro on the
local tourism map.

Sanduguan Festival

One of the highly anticipated events in the province is the Sanduguan
Festival. This annual merrymaking marks the first barter trade between
early tribesmen and Chinese traders in 900 AD. Sanduguan Festival, which
is held in the provincial capital, Calapan, on the third week of April,
features various activities such as street dancing, agriculture fairs,
and dance competitions.

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Psychic Surgery healing in the Philippines

No other form of Alternative Therapy has caused more controversy than Psychic Surgery. It has been tested and analysed by scientists on numerous occasions. Proved genuine, then proved quackery.. and the controversy still rages.

I have personally worked with over 40 different surgeons since 1997 and I have only retained 4. These 4 I believe to be genuine. The others I let go of as they either were cheating, were not powerful enough or were unethical. Be very careful if you go to Philippines on your own. Most people who have tried this came back disappointed.

The most tested of Psychic surgeons still alive today is Jun Labo. American and Japanese doctors have tested him genuine on numerous occasions and a film staring Burt Lancaster was shot proving that Jun is genuine. The film was banned one week after release… and the controversy still rages about Jun’s gift.

Psychic Surgery is Impossible I am often told. Yes, but only according to modern scientific beliefs. What happens cannot be explained rationally. But then 100 years ago who would have believed that you could talk to somebody the other side of the earth using a mobile phone. How do images appear on your TV screen? I cannot explain this?

How is Psychic Surgery performed?

Basically, a Psychic Surgeon enters a person’s body using his / her bare hands and manually removes diseased tissues, tumours, calcium deposits, pus etc.. painlessly from the patient’s body, coming out without leaving any visible marks or scars.

No drugs are used and the person, in most cases, does not feel any discomfort. When a pain is felt it is usually because the part of the body where the surgery takes place was already sensitive or that the person tensed up during the surgery. The wound heals immediately and the person is able to resume a normal life within a few minutes.

When you ask a Psychic Surgeon to explain his work, he will tell you (in most cases) that he does not perform the surgery but that the Holy Spirit channels him.

Is Psychic Surgery only practised in the Philippines?

It is true that there are more Psychic Surgeons in the Philippines than anywhere else in the world. Their concentration in the Philippines is observed in Manila, Pangasinan, Baguio and Cebu.

Many theories have been suggested to explain this:

1. The concentration of Spiritist churches that train healers and psychic surgeons is unique to the Philippines.

2. Filipinos believe in spirits that they call „anitos“. They also believe in nature spirits that inhabits every part of the habitat (mountains, caves, rivers etc..). This makes communication with the spirit world much more natural than it does for the rest of us.

3. The Philippines lies on top of the sunken continent of Lemuria. Lemurians had advanced psychic powers and intuition. The Filipinos have inherited these qualities.

4. Poverty is rampant in the Philippines; many cannot seek medical care, and have to rely heavily on local healers.

However, some form of Psychic Surgery has also been documented in the Amazons, Brazil, Indonesia and Africa. What conditions can be treated? The following represents only a few examples of conditions I have seen treated by the various Bare Hand Surgeons I visit:

* Seven years ago, Bare Hand Surgery was performed on a friend of mine suffering from Parkinson’s disease. This successfully stopped the progression of the disease for many years.

* A Psychic surgeon cleared „growths“ from around my prostate. He then left a Kleenex tissue inside my body overnight to prevent the seeping of blood back in the testicles (I could feel the tissue inside me).

* I had a 12″ tumour removed from my large intestines. I was eating a normal meal half an hour later.

* A surgeon cleared the ovaries and fallopian tubes of a patient.

* Another patient had 12 feet of growth removed from his colon. He had been suffering from IBS for years. IBS is now gone.

* I had 42 tumours removed from my liver over a period of two weeks in September 2001. This was witnessed by 5 participants.

* The eyes of a person suffering from cataracts where „cleaned“

* One member of our group had growths that were attached to her spine removed. This lady had had problems moving her head fully and had suffered from chronic pains in her shoulders for many years. The instant improvement to the head was obvious and her shoulder pains have now completely disappeared. Months of physical therapy had previously had very little impact.

* One surgeon removed many diseased tissues from another group member. This man was gradually losing the use of his hand and arm and the left side of his body was slowly being paralysed. He is now well and full of energy.

* I witnessed two different Bare Hand Surgeons successfully remove deep brain tumours from two different patients.

* A „goitre“ was cleared from a man’s throat

* One surgeon removed numerous tumours from the reproductive organs of a patient who was suffering from terminal cancer. This person is now feeling alright

* One surgeon cleaned the arteries around the heart of a patient

* etc…. etc.. the list is too long to mention.

Most of this has been filmed and can be seen on videotape.

BasicallyBusiness Management Articles, Bare Hand Surgeons do not specialise in any specific disease. They work with „energy“ on everything presented to them.

Is there any guarantee of success ?


I strongly recommend that you seek medical advice and care for any medical condition from which you may suffer.

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The Breath Taking Banaue Rice Terraces


You may be really surprised to know, but the life of the cities of this country is really very amazing. Most people are unaware of this fact and they tend to get surprised when they see for the first time. But it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re coming from, there is one place which has got to be on your must visit lists. It is the Banaue rice terraces of Philippines.The trip to this place is not an easy one for anyone. But never the less, people who have been there would tell you that all of it is worth the extra effort. These terraces are situated at a distance of about 150 miles from Manila, which is located on the Luzon, an island. You can go there by bus, but the roads are such that it takes more than a couple of hours to reach, and the journey is nothing close to being a comfortable one. But as soon as you set your foot in that place, you would feel so good and would not regret having gone there. Some of the say that these terraces are like the eighth wonder after the seven wonders of the world, as it is made by humans.These terraces have been imprinted on the mountains, and when you look at them it would like a beautiful sculpture made out of wood or clay. It was made by what are called Ifugao people. The main motive of having built them was to feed their people. It benefitted them in two major ways. They got their own land for farming, and the people who stayed inside the valley were most of the time protected from various invasions.These terraces are not an easy place to get to, and even when your there the surrounding areas are not very deluxe, but it is definitely a thing that you must see. Steps coming out of gardens which are built on mountains, there is not a single sight like this in the whole of Philippines. All you need to do is be well prepared, and not be afraid of climbing, and it will be a visit to remember.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Author writes for Polynesian Cultural Center, Banaue and Batad.

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Call Center Philippines: Outsourcing Solutions

Big business players prefer to
outsource call center services in the Philippines. It is considered as top
business process outsourcing (BPO) destination giving the best call center
outsourcing solutions. Business investors are coming to explore possibilities
of investment and its BPO market. Many of the business
organizations are thinking of relocating their operations in the Philippines
for its clear and neutral accent parallel to English-speaking countries.

Big business players prefer to
outsource call center services in the Philippines. It is considered as top
business process outsourcing (BPO) destination giving the best call center
outsourcing solutions. Business investors are coming to explore possibilities
of investment and its BPO market. Global companies are expanding as seen that
Philippines are capable of handling and enhancing business operations. The
demand of outsourcing services have fully met by the country in providing
business solutions and cost-effective services. Many of the business
organizations are thinking of relocating their operations in the Philippines
for its clear and neutral accent parallel to English-speaking countries.

However, every business has its
goals and strategies to achieve the desired results; otherwise, you will never
get there. It helps improve and move the organization forward to attain
success. Getting involved in business is of course to make money grow
abundantly. So one should understand what it needs to be achieved to prevent
from falling down. The only thing suited to this is through outsourcing.

Outsourcing business operations to
low-costs service offerings has become the best solution to aspiring firms to
gain more sales and ROI. Such benefits get through this are increase of
revenues, reduce overall budget costs and increase customer satisfaction.
Hiring a service provider to manage voice-based operations can take advantage of
this technique. This should be seen as opportunities to a company, not a burden
that is useless and waste. There will be improvement in quality of interactions
and consistent support to customers to get satisfied along with building trust.
It is actually helping your business profile and market brand. Achieving this
goal is to make a follow-up of the completion if it’s really putting your
business upright.

Call Center Philippines is outsourcing
to the right service provider which can only be made with good decision making
and the right choice of outsourcing solutions. When looking for an appropriate
location to outsource makes sure that you are on the right service provider.
See key performance level on how its skills correspond to the set
qualifications and leading the right edge. It is a very important aspect before
pursuing a commitment. Managing a business can be tough, but there are
different objectives to bring your business to the next level.

Hence, choosing an outsourcing
solution must stick to a reliable partner to deliver quality output that could
be your asset. Call Center Philippines is proven and driven by knowledge,
motivated team, delivering high productivityBusiness Management Articles, quality oriented approach and
great work culture. Make use of cost efficiencies whilst improving

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Philippines as a Leader in Business Process Outsourcing


In 2010, the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), a non-profit outsourcing organization in the United Kingdom awarded the Offshoring Destination of the Year award to the Philippines beating the countries Ukraine, Sri Lanka, and Egypt.NOA selected the Philippines to be the world’s finest in outsourcing services taking into account its chief strengths over other major outsourcing destinations. These strong points include abundant and quality labor force, stable infrastructure, and unwavering government initiatives.The Philippines is not only a leader in the contact center industry. The country is rapidly becoming the top choice for providing services in fields such as shared services, medical transcription, software development and animation. This article discusses the reasons for Philippines’s global outsourcing attractiveness. RP’s PeopleGiven all the qualifications that the Philippines have, the NOA specifically merited this archipelago’s attractive people resource. At present, the country’s labor force comprises about 36 million workers, 450,000 of which hold college education. Their people’s high literacy rate which is at 92 percent makes them a far better choice for an outsourcing provider. Aside from this, Philippines also have a very high cultural affinity especially to the US, following years of American occupation in the country. This makes most Filipinos good English speakers. Their ability to speak in neutral accent is their major advantage particularly in the call center business. This is the basis for countries like the US, Australia and UK to setup their contact centers in the Philippines. Furthermore, instructions in most universities are generally in English. The government pushes hard to keep Filipinos’ English literacy on an advanced level.Language and cultural differences are not supposed to concern those who are considering outsourcing services for certain LOBs. Filipinos are recognized for having strong skills in dealing with people. Good communication means good work relationship. And when this is achieved, there lies a greater potential for excellence in the delivery of expected business results. RP’s Political SettingAnother factor that leads to this country’s appeal to outsourcing clients is the suitable legal and regulatory environment. Philippines gives income tax holidays to outsourcing clients for the first six years of their operations in the country. Moreover, they provide a flat five percent income tax rate for Philippines IT economic zones buildings and installations locators right past the four to six years of the income tax holiday. In addition, RP also offers other fiscal and non-fiscal incentives as a form of its government’s support in the outsourcing industry.However, corruption and political stability are some of the main challenges that the country is facing. Still, its government is still putting great efforts on making sure the country attracts more foreign investors. RP’s Technology and TelecommsThe overall infrastructure in telecommunication and technology also affects the decision of multinational companies in selecting their business processes vendors. The quality and stability of a nation’s technological framework is ultimately critical in outsourcing services like animation, customer care, technical support, and information technology.In comparison with other Asian countries, the Philippines have advanced and inexpensive bandwidth that is largely aiding in making the country attractive in terms of communication and telecoms capacity. Although the IT sector of the Philippines is still in maturity, it is recognizable that it is swiftly advancing.Faced with many challenges in its political and business environment, the Philippines still boasts its competitiveness in skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure and sustainable economic plans for the development of outsourcing services. The NOA Award only solidifies Philippine’s position in the global outsourcing market.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Catherine Alibanban currently writes for Agents of Value, an established webmaster staff leasing company that offers value-for-money services in SEO / link building, virtual assistance, content writing, web design, webmaster, web development and programming support.

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The Cell Phone Industry in the Philippines

The cell phone and Smartphone industry in the Philippines is a thriving and growing business. The number of people owning a cell phone has jumped from 14.8 million in 2013 to 27.5 million in 2016. That’s a lot of people. It puts the Philippines as the third largest cell phone user in Southeast Asia. The trend is forecast to increase to 38.4 million users by the year 2020.

Current Trends

Smartphones sales are trending up while less capable feature based cell phones are trending down in terms of total sales. This can be attributed to the entry of larger companies in the market focusing on smartphone sales at a lower price because of the existence of low-cost smartphones sales from local providers such as Cherry Mobile. Global players like Acer and Lenovo are competing with the local providers and that serves to drive prices down while jacking up the volume. Feature phone providers like the Philippine local company Cosmic Technologies has seen a consistent drop in sales volume and remains one of the few companies still in the feature phone business.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for smartphones is +20% while CAGR for features phones is on the decline at a -28% percent rate.
The State of the Market

The mobile services and broadband market is dominated by two providers, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. Globe is the up and coming competitor while Smart, as a subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company has had a majority of the market share for some time. Between these two competitors, mobile coverage is available to over 99% of the population. The intense competition of Smart and Globe has provided for a higher quality of service to the average user as each company fights for a higher market share.

3G and 4G/LTE value-added services continues to spread as the demand for it increases but SMS text messaging continues to be the backbone of growth in cell phone usage overall.

One unique feature of the Philippine cell phone market is the services provided to Philippine ex-pats working overseas. It drives a thriving prepaid market because of the amount of money that is sent home to family in country. It comprises a significant percentage of money that drives the Philippine economy.

Philippine Governmental Policy over the Mobile Broadband Market

The issues of economic development for any country have a direct tie to mobile broadband services. The World Bank conducted a study that showed a 10% increase in broadband penetration would add 1.38% to the gross domestic product (GDP). In lesser-developed countries, the impact is even higher.  

The Philippines faces a significant challenge is achieving the economic growth indicated by increased mobile penetration. They are behind other the power curve with their neighbors and competitors in the APAC market. It is due to antiquated policy, lack of vision and a restrictive competitive country market.  

The changes that need to be made include adopting an open access policyFeature Articles, an update of the laws and regulatory framework that will encourage investment and innovation and updating the overall Philippine Digital Strategy Plan that serves as the blueprint for continued expansion of services. 

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A Brief Guide in Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon in the Philippines


tourism is one of the industries that have become a priority for the
Philippine government to boost their economy.  This trend also affected
the medical community. Suddenly, there are established and would-be
doctors who shifted specialization to cosmetic practice. They are not to
blame because cosmetic surgery is a very lucrative field in medicine
and it is the fore front of medical tourism initiatives, programs and
this initiative, foreigners are enticed to have their surgery done in
the Philippines. And with the influx of surgeons in the country, one
should be cautious about choosing the right doctor.  There are many
certified and reliable plastic surgeons in the Philippines who
offer their patients a competitive price. But the challenge lies in
choosing the right doctor. This article lists down some guidelines as to
what qualities you should look for in a surgeon when you want to have
your surgery done in the Philippines.Look for and thoroughly inspect their websiteSurgeons
have finally realized the importance of the Internet. Many
practitioners have put up their own website so that prospective clients
can view their resume. A credible doctor should have a professional
website and it should not look empty. Their website should include their
experiences in performing cosmetic and plastic surgery in the
Philippines. You should also look for their services and it would be
much better if they have a before and after photos of their clients.
Also check if they have post surgery services just in case you have
questions after your operation.Confirm their credentialsDo
not be deceived by a surgeon who has the lowest professional fee. You
might suffer more financial losses if you experience medical practice.
Make sure to double check the credentials of the surgeon that you are
eyeing. Look for someone who has been granted their license through
formal education and training. If it is not enough, look for
testimonials from past clients to reaffirm how credible their work is.Check for their membership in organizationsOn the Web, it is so easy to find Philippine plastic surgeons who
are affiliated with established local hospitals. Having a license is a
good thing, but being a member of prestigious local and international
organizations makes that surgeon more credible. Their membership can be
your safety net in case you might experience trouble with your surgery.
It also means that he/she is updated with the latest research and
procedures in the field. But bear in mind that they also have higher
professional fee.Plastic surgeons in the Philippines has made sure to keep up with the latest developments andresearches
about the industry. They are knowledgeable and respected around the
world because of their education and expertise. So, next time that you
visit the Philippines, make sure to check out the medical tourism
industry. We are more than white sand beaches and fun people you know. 

Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Pia Velarde is a writing enthusiast.

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Local Philippines: Captivating Capiz

Simple and peaceful. That’s how the provincial government describes
what life in Capiz is all about on its website. For travelers looking
for a place to relax and unwind, this province in the Western Visayas
region is a must-go destination.

Covering an area of 2,594.64 square kilometers, Capiz is subdivided
into 16 municipalities and a city – Roxas. The province continues to be
one of the major travel destinations
in southern Philippines, thanks to its natural charm highlighted by a
labyrinth of rolling hills, pristine beaches, unspoiled beaches, and
isolated coves.

Capiz is also a magnet for seafood lovers. Dubbed as the “Seafood
Capital of the Philippines,” the province provides guests with a wide
selection of dishes made from its rich marine resources. Delectable
delicacies are available everywhere from a simple restaurant to posh
hotels and resorts.

With all these amazing attractions in the province, it is no wonder,
then, that Capiz is among the recommended tourist stops in most Philippine travel guides. The following is a sampling of the scenic spots to visit in the province.

Agtalin Shrine

Get amazed by a gigantic statue of the Virgin Mary at the Agtalin
Shrine. Located in the municipality of Pilar, the religious icon is
considered the tallest in the country at 80 feet tall. The International
Marian Research Institute listed the Agtalin Shrine as a premier
pilgrimage site. It is believed that some faithful with incurable
diseases were healed by praying at the shrine.

Baybay Beach

Baybay Beach is Capiz’s version of elegant Boracay beaches. This
gray-sand beach is a favorite weekend getaway of local residents and
tourists alike in the province. Aside for being a popular swimming site,
Baybay Beach is also a haven for food lovers. Various stalls selling
unbelievably cheap grilled fish, squids, prawns, and other marine
produce can be found near the beach.

Pilar Cave

Another must-see attraction in Capiz is Pilar Cave. This natural wonder
is believed to be a burial site of local folks before the Spaniards
conquered the Philippines in 1521. Ancient pots and other artifacts have
been discovered in the cave. Capiz has four more popular caves such as
the Suhoton Caves in Jamindan, Quipot Cave in Mambusao, Igang Cave in
Maayon, and Suhot Cave in Dumalag.

Tucad Reef

Tucad Reef is a submarine islet of seashells and corals topped with
layers of sand. Located some ten kilometers away from Pilar, this
natural marvel can be reached through a pump boat ride or by walking
during low tide. From its shallow and clear water, visitors can see a
patchwork of shells and corals in various colors such as blue, green,
red, and pink.

Aswang Festival

Capiz is known for the myth of aswang, a Filipino term for
ghouls, monsters, and witches. Held days before the Halloween, the
controversial but culturally important event seeks to change the
public’s negative notion towards the province as an aswang haven. Trade exhibits, cultural shows, and symposiums are staged during the festival.

A great way to conclude your Capiz vacation is to shop for various
products such as lampshades, candle holders, necklaces, and wind chimes,
made from Capiz shells. Already captivated by Capiz? Get your
Philippine travel guide ready, call a travel agency to arrange your
preferred accommodations and vacation packages, pack your bags, and head
to Capiz.

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Local Philippines: Dazzling Davao

Exploring the beauty of the Philippines is always a thrill. This
Southeast Asian nation has been making waves in the tourism industry
with its wide selection of scenic spots, festive events, and
breathtaking man-made and natural attractions.

Most travelers think that the Philippines is only akin to the
beautiful beaches of Boracay and bargain-hunting and bar-hopping
adventures in Metro Manila. But most people often missed out on
exploring various tourist attractions in Mindanao. One of the leading
travel destinations in the southern region is Davao, one of the country’s most progressive cities.

Covering an area of 943.6 square meters, Davao is the perfect place
for travelers looking to experience an idyllic town setting at the
comforts of a modern metropolis. The city, which is three times bigger
than the entire Metro Manila, has a lot to offer. The “Land of Promise”
is home to pristine beaches, beautiful diving spots, historical sites,
and luxury resorts and hotels, among others. It’s no wonder, then, that
Davao has all the trimmings of an ultimate Philippine vacation.

To guide you to your Davao trip, the author came up with a list of the must-see tourist attractions in the city.

Mt. Apo
Towering over 9,650 feet above sea level, Mt. Apo is the highest
peak in the Philippines. This national park is a haven for birdwatchers,
as it is home to more than 270 bird species. Mt. Apo is also
considered an ideal hiking destination for the adventure-bound. Experts
said scaling this volcanic mountain is not a technical one. It may take
up to five days to reach the summit depending on your pace.

Philippine Eagle Center

Davao also allows tourists to get up close and personal with the
country’s national bird, the Philippine Eagle. Situated in Malagos, the
Philippine Eagle Center serves as temporary home and a breeding center
for the critically endangered bird. The Philippine Eagle, one of the
tallest and biggest birds in the world, usually feeds on flying lemurs,
wild cats, and squirrels.

Kadayawan Festival

The perfect time to visit Davao would be August, when the city stages
one of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines. Kadayawan
Festival is an annual thanksgiving celebration for a bountiful harvest.
Various activities, including street dancing, tribal parades, trade
fairs, flower shows, and horse fight competitions, are lined up during
the weeklong festival.

GAP Farming Orchard

You can also embark on a nature trip while in Davao. GAP Farming Orchard
is a perfect place to escape city life and pollution. It has
well-maintained cottages and camp sites, an Olympic-sized swimming pool,
and horseback riding facilities. Exotic flowers and tropical fruits can
be found in the garden. A giant one-eyed monster confined in a tunnel
built during the Japanese occupation is also a major attraction at the

There are many other things to do in Davao. For adventure seekers, a visit to Camp Sabros in Mt. Apo or to Eden Nature Park for a thrilling zip line experience is a must. For those who love swimming and other water activities, go to Samal Island, which is famous for its white-sand beaches. A Davao adventure is never complete without tasting durian, a fruit famous for its unique odor and thorn-covered husk.

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Sightseeing Sites in the Philippines

With its wide selection of tourist attractions, the Philippines
is an ideal site for sightseeing tours. Home to colorful festivals and
exquisite natural wonders, this Southeast Asian nation has a lot of
visual treats to offer for travelers.

There are notable tourist spots to visit throughout the country’s
more than 7,000 islands. This is a testament that the Philippines ranks
among the top nations offering an impressive selection of sightseeing attractions.
Though internationally famous for its white sand beaches, this
predominantly Catholic republic also boasts of delicate colonial
architectures and breathtaking natural sceneries in almost every town.

Here is a guide to some of the best sightseeing destinations
in the Philippines.


Manila is not only the country’s capital but also the center of cultural
heritage. Explore the Philippines’ rich Spanish legacy with a trip to
Intramuros (Walled City), which was built by the Spaniards in the 16th
century. Inside the compound, you can find old places of worship such
as the San Agustin Church and the Manila Cathedral. Other points of
interest in Intramuros are Fort Santiago and Casa Manila. Also, never
leave Manila without visiting the Luneta Park, where a statue of
national hero Jose Rizal is erected.


Take a trip down memory lanes by visiting Corregidor, an island that
served as an important defense fortress for American and Filipino
soldiers during World War II. Some of the attractions in this historical
place include the Pacific War Memorial, the Battery Way, the Mile-Long
Barracks, and the Malinta Tunnel. It takes a shade over an hour to reach
Corregidor from Manila, where day and night tour packages are


Its unique attractions have made Baguio a renowned sightseeing
destination in northern Philippines. Dubbed as the Summer Capital of the
Philippines, the city is home to a dozens of scenic spots such as The
Mansion, Burnham Park, Session Road, Camp John Hay, and the Baguio
Botanical Garden. While plying the dizzying Kennon Road, have your
camera ready for some spectacular countryside views.


Legazpi, the provincial capital of Albay, is one of Bicol region’s top
tourist destinations. This first-class city is home to the world’s
famous Mayon Volcano, which is known for its perfect conical shape. The
year 1814 is said to be the volcano’s worst eruption. A remainder of
this grim past can be found at the Cagsawa Ruins Park.


Another premier tourist destination in the northern region is Banaue.
This town of more than 20,000 people is the site of the Banaue Rice
Terraces, a 2,000-year-old man-made leveled surfaces carved into the
mountains of Ifugao. Don’t be surprised if gaze in wonder once seeing
this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Aside from its pristine beaches, Bohol is widely known for the Chocolate
Hills. These unusual geological formations are scattered in the towns
of Carmen, Batuan, and Sagbayan. The dome-shaped hills are actually
limestone covered with green grass. Bohol, which is located in the
Central Visayas region, is also famous for a tarsier sanctuary and the
Sandugo Festival.

is your travel buddy. We have information about the
destinations, how to get there, what to do while in the area and more!
Destinations in the beaches or in the mountains, destinations under
water, destinations right at the middle of the urban hubScience Articles, name it and
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