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The Breath Taking Banaue Rice Terraces


You may be really surprised to know, but the life of the cities of this country is really very amazing. Most people are unaware of this fact and they tend to get surprised when they see for the first time. But it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re coming from, there is one place which has got to be on your must visit lists. It is the Banaue rice terraces of Philippines.The trip to this place is not an easy one for anyone. But never the less, people who have been there would tell you that all of it is worth the extra effort. These terraces are situated at a distance of about 150 miles from Manila, which is located on the Luzon, an island. You can go there by bus, but the roads are such that it takes more than a couple of hours to reach, and the journey is nothing close to being a comfortable one. But as soon as you set your foot in that place, you would feel so good and would not regret having gone there. Some of the say that these terraces are like the eighth wonder after the seven wonders of the world, as it is made by humans.These terraces have been imprinted on the mountains, and when you look at them it would like a beautiful sculpture made out of wood or clay. It was made by what are called Ifugao people. The main motive of having built them was to feed their people. It benefitted them in two major ways. They got their own land for farming, and the people who stayed inside the valley were most of the time protected from various invasions.These terraces are not an easy place to get to, and even when your there the surrounding areas are not very deluxe, but it is definitely a thing that you must see. Steps coming out of gardens which are built on mountains, there is not a single sight like this in the whole of Philippines. All you need to do is be well prepared, and not be afraid of climbing, and it will be a visit to remember.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

Author writes for Polynesian Cultural Center, Banaue and Batad.

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