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Local Philippines: Dazzling Davao

Exploring the beauty of the Philippines is always a thrill. This
Southeast Asian nation has been making waves in the tourism industry
with its wide selection of scenic spots, festive events, and
breathtaking man-made and natural attractions.

Most travelers think that the Philippines is only akin to the
beautiful beaches of Boracay and bargain-hunting and bar-hopping
adventures in Metro Manila. But most people often missed out on
exploring various tourist attractions in Mindanao. One of the leading
travel destinations in the southern region is Davao, one of the country’s most progressive cities.

Covering an area of 943.6 square meters, Davao is the perfect place
for travelers looking to experience an idyllic town setting at the
comforts of a modern metropolis. The city, which is three times bigger
than the entire Metro Manila, has a lot to offer. The “Land of Promise”
is home to pristine beaches, beautiful diving spots, historical sites,
and luxury resorts and hotels, among others. It’s no wonder, then, that
Davao has all the trimmings of an ultimate Philippine vacation.

To guide you to your Davao trip, the author came up with a list of the must-see tourist attractions in the city.

Mt. Apo
Towering over 9,650 feet above sea level, Mt. Apo is the highest
peak in the Philippines. This national park is a haven for birdwatchers,
as it is home to more than 270 bird species. Mt. Apo is also
considered an ideal hiking destination for the adventure-bound. Experts
said scaling this volcanic mountain is not a technical one. It may take
up to five days to reach the summit depending on your pace.

Philippine Eagle Center

Davao also allows tourists to get up close and personal with the
country’s national bird, the Philippine Eagle. Situated in Malagos, the
Philippine Eagle Center serves as temporary home and a breeding center
for the critically endangered bird. The Philippine Eagle, one of the
tallest and biggest birds in the world, usually feeds on flying lemurs,
wild cats, and squirrels.

Kadayawan Festival

The perfect time to visit Davao would be August, when the city stages
one of the most colorful festivals in the Philippines. Kadayawan
Festival is an annual thanksgiving celebration for a bountiful harvest.
Various activities, including street dancing, tribal parades, trade
fairs, flower shows, and horse fight competitions, are lined up during
the weeklong festival.

GAP Farming Orchard

You can also embark on a nature trip while in Davao. GAP Farming Orchard
is a perfect place to escape city life and pollution. It has
well-maintained cottages and camp sites, an Olympic-sized swimming pool,
and horseback riding facilities. Exotic flowers and tropical fruits can
be found in the garden. A giant one-eyed monster confined in a tunnel
built during the Japanese occupation is also a major attraction at the

There are many other things to do in Davao. For adventure seekers, a visit to Camp Sabros in Mt. Apo or to Eden Nature Park for a thrilling zip line experience is a must. For those who love swimming and other water activities, go to Samal Island, which is famous for its white-sand beaches. A Davao adventure is never complete without tasting durian, a fruit famous for its unique odor and thorn-covered husk.

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