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Sightseeing Sites in the Philippines

With its wide selection of tourist attractions, the Philippines
is an ideal site for sightseeing tours. Home to colorful festivals and
exquisite natural wonders, this Southeast Asian nation has a lot of
visual treats to offer for travelers.

There are notable tourist spots to visit throughout the country’s
more than 7,000 islands. This is a testament that the Philippines ranks
among the top nations offering an impressive selection of sightseeing attractions.
Though internationally famous for its white sand beaches, this
predominantly Catholic republic also boasts of delicate colonial
architectures and breathtaking natural sceneries in almost every town.

Here is a guide to some of the best sightseeing destinations
in the Philippines.


Manila is not only the country’s capital but also the center of cultural
heritage. Explore the Philippines’ rich Spanish legacy with a trip to
Intramuros (Walled City), which was built by the Spaniards in the 16th
century. Inside the compound, you can find old places of worship such
as the San Agustin Church and the Manila Cathedral. Other points of
interest in Intramuros are Fort Santiago and Casa Manila. Also, never
leave Manila without visiting the Luneta Park, where a statue of
national hero Jose Rizal is erected.


Take a trip down memory lanes by visiting Corregidor, an island that
served as an important defense fortress for American and Filipino
soldiers during World War II. Some of the attractions in this historical
place include the Pacific War Memorial, the Battery Way, the Mile-Long
Barracks, and the Malinta Tunnel. It takes a shade over an hour to reach
Corregidor from Manila, where day and night tour packages are


Its unique attractions have made Baguio a renowned sightseeing
destination in northern Philippines. Dubbed as the Summer Capital of the
Philippines, the city is home to a dozens of scenic spots such as The
Mansion, Burnham Park, Session Road, Camp John Hay, and the Baguio
Botanical Garden. While plying the dizzying Kennon Road, have your
camera ready for some spectacular countryside views.


Legazpi, the provincial capital of Albay, is one of Bicol region’s top
tourist destinations. This first-class city is home to the world’s
famous Mayon Volcano, which is known for its perfect conical shape. The
year 1814 is said to be the volcano’s worst eruption. A remainder of
this grim past can be found at the Cagsawa Ruins Park.


Another premier tourist destination in the northern region is Banaue.
This town of more than 20,000 people is the site of the Banaue Rice
Terraces, a 2,000-year-old man-made leveled surfaces carved into the
mountains of Ifugao. Don’t be surprised if gaze in wonder once seeing
this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Aside from its pristine beaches, Bohol is widely known for the Chocolate
Hills. These unusual geological formations are scattered in the towns
of Carmen, Batuan, and Sagbayan. The dome-shaped hills are actually
limestone covered with green grass. Bohol, which is located in the
Central Visayas region, is also famous for a tarsier sanctuary and the
Sandugo Festival.

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