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KD’s World Tour: That’s it!

KD’s World Tour: That’s it!
Welcome to the final posting from KD’s virtual World Tour using Google Street View! A profound thanks to the Google drivers who have put together the most amazing image database on Earth. If you want to see the whole tour you can click on the Album icon on the lower left of the page.

• Start and end points: Ross Island, Antarctica to Be’ersheva, Israel
• Countries visited: Antarctica, Pitcairn Islands, Midway Island, Guam, North Mariana Islands, American Samoa, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Israel.
• Logic of pathway: Roughly, I followed a path of backwards-migration, starting at the final place we migrated to (Antarctica), and ending in Turkey and Israel. Street View coverage in Africa is very limited or else I would have kept going!
• Timespan of my virtual trip: Aug 6, 2015 to March 29, 2018
• Timespan of my postings to Flickr: Sept 6, 2015 to June 15, 2019
• Number of screenshots taken: 11,100
• Number of images posted to Flickr: 860
• Most memorable aspects of trip:
o Finding Street View in Antarctica
o Plastic waste and desolation on Marshall Islands
o Beauty of New Zealand (South Island)
o Slums, population density, pollution in SE Asia
o Informal recycling economy in SE Asia
o The temples in Cambodia
o Singapore’s downtown
o Street view inside Japanese restaurants
o Russia’s apartment buildings and “brutal” architecture
o Uniformity of Soviet style across all Russia (and Eastern Europe)
o Fairy tale neighborhoods in Eastern Europe
o Bleakness of disputed territory in Israel

For those curious, yes, I have started on a new trip, down the Mississippi River and the towns on its banks. I will start posting that towards end of 2019.

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Philippines Economy


ECHO experts Joelle Goire and Sylvia Ermini monitored the project: "Such a voucher scheme have two very positive impacts on the affected communities" explains Joelle Goire. "Beneficiaries can choose what they need and the local markets and economy are supported because aid funding is used locally."

Photo Credit: Mathias Eick EU/ECHO 2012
By EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid on 2012-03-18 13:22:50

Philippines Economy


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By ooceey from Pixabay

Philippines Economy

Your Gide to Real Estate SEO in the Philippines


estate is an industry which can be hard to market online. According to
the National Association of Realtors, 90% or real estate buyers start
their search online. This
is where SEO comes in. It is essential to a successful online presence
for brokers and agents because higher ranking in SERP’s leads to high
conversion as well. The challenge now lies in the fact that real estate
SEO is very complex because of the structuring of real estate companies
as well as keyword competition in the industry is very stiff because
brokers and agents compete for almost the same keywords.In
the context of real estate SEO in the Philippines, there is an
increasing trend for local real estate companies, brokers and agents to
hire the services of a SEO company because it is the most cost-efficient
and effective way to market their services. Since this a fairly new
“partnership”, here are some guidelines about real estate SEO.What to Look ForA real estate SEO strategy should consider the following:Local SEO and geo-targetingSite performance and usabilityProper URL structureAdvanced keyword researchSocial mediaHyper-local, optimized content creation and of course,Link  buildingCreating High-Quality Hyper-local ContentDeveloping
a solid long-tail keyword strategy will help make your website more
effective because there is less competition. After performing a thorough
keyword research, develop high quality contents that target those
keywords. Just make sure to target each keyword on a single page. You
should also be consistent. Fresh content keeps your site relevant which
encourages search engines to crawl your site more often. Also, write
about topics that people care about. Most real estate websites are
bombarded with hard-sell techniques that usually turn off people. Write
about tips or home-related products that might help people’s lives
easier.Be Mindful of Realtor EthicsIn
the Philippine real estate business, there are no written rules about
online marketing yet. But, SEO companies are sensitive enough to respect
the people involved in the industry. Expect nothing short of excellent
results from SEO services in the Philippines because they are at par with world standards.One
o f the rules in real estate online marketing is that, the content in
your website should be accurate and current, otherwise, it has to be
corrected. Pictures should be put in the website for advertising and
representations so as not to mislead prospective clients.Real estate can
be a tricky business so before dipping your toes into it, make sure
that you do a lot of research so that your investment will be

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