Mommy Bloggers Philippines – A Closer Look

Blogging is increasingly becoming very popular for mothers worldwide.
Because of this, the need to collaborate with other women with similar
interests had been inevitable. Through blogging, women find an avenue to
share their unending thoughts about unending topics. Parenting for one
is a never ending journey not only for mothers but for single mothers
and men too. Mothers and all individuals who can relate to parenting
find blogging just the perfect way to confirm their ideas, get the
others‘ opinions and learn through the process.

Blogging In the Philippines

Social media networks have allowed many Filipinos to become more
attuned with each others‘ needs and wants, not only for new products but
also for fresh information, within the country and from abroad. All
these information though can’t be retained through social media
accounts. Through blogging, Filipinos can share and save their thoughts
through their blog posts. They choose how they can present these posts,
as simple or as colorful as they want them to be.

Blogging has also been the arena for online selling and
entrepreneurship in the Philippines. With a free blog account, anyone
can set up their store, share their product photos, and introduce
themselves as entrepreneurs providing products or services. Business
owners who have the budget to invest in professionally created websites
can also put up their own blogs to interact with their customers.

Marketing companies have been known to target bloggers when it comes
to product launching or reviews for their respective client companies.
Long time bloggers know how important blogging reputations can be when
it comes to this field that’s why media advertisers value these reputed
bloggers of their opinions. Because of these reasons, you will not only
see press launching for businesses, but also bloggers‘ launching events.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines

Mommy Bloggers Philippines was established for the purpose of
bringing together women most specially mothers who blog part time or
full-time. Members communicate with each through social media accounts
and update themselves of each others blogs. Through these social
interactions, members benefit each other by sharing their co-members
blogs on their personal social media accounts.

Members of this bloggers group also benefit from being constantly
updated on what’s happening on the blogging world. They share each
others events, form friendship amongst each other, and support each
other in different causes.

The Future Of Blogging

Bloggers are currently increasing their share of attention in the
social and media world. It’s because this field gives uncanny freedom
for everyone not only to broadcast their experiences and their dreams
but also to rant, talk about, and enjoy the perks of having an audience
worldwide, not only for business sake but also as personal satisfaction
in social interactions. Mommy Bloggers Philippines celebrate this
phenomenon and will continue to encourage mothers to share themselves
and be involved in the community by letting out their thoughts, may they
be for personal or social issues. This wayArticle Submission, we can balance the online
stream of information with valuable and motherly thoughts we are all
proud of.

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Philippines Economy

Your Gide to Real Estate SEO in the Philippines


estate is an industry which can be hard to market online. According to
the National Association of Realtors, 90% or real estate buyers start
their search online. This
is where SEO comes in. It is essential to a successful online presence
for brokers and agents because higher ranking in SERP’s leads to high
conversion as well. The challenge now lies in the fact that real estate
SEO is very complex because of the structuring of real estate companies
as well as keyword competition in the industry is very stiff because
brokers and agents compete for almost the same keywords.In
the context of real estate SEO in the Philippines, there is an
increasing trend for local real estate companies, brokers and agents to
hire the services of a SEO company because it is the most cost-efficient
and effective way to market their services. Since this a fairly new
“partnership”, here are some guidelines about real estate SEO.What to Look ForA real estate SEO strategy should consider the following:Local SEO and geo-targetingSite performance and usabilityProper URL structureAdvanced keyword researchSocial mediaHyper-local, optimized content creation and of course,Link  buildingCreating High-Quality Hyper-local ContentDeveloping
a solid long-tail keyword strategy will help make your website more
effective because there is less competition. After performing a thorough
keyword research, develop high quality contents that target those
keywords. Just make sure to target each keyword on a single page. You
should also be consistent. Fresh content keeps your site relevant which
encourages search engines to crawl your site more often. Also, write
about topics that people care about. Most real estate websites are
bombarded with hard-sell techniques that usually turn off people. Write
about tips or home-related products that might help people’s lives
easier.Be Mindful of Realtor EthicsIn
the Philippine real estate business, there are no written rules about
online marketing yet. But, SEO companies are sensitive enough to respect
the people involved in the industry. Expect nothing short of excellent
results from SEO services in the Philippines because they are at par with world standards.One
o f the rules in real estate online marketing is that, the content in
your website should be accurate and current, otherwise, it has to be
corrected. Pictures should be put in the website for advertising and
representations so as not to mislead prospective clients.Real estate can
be a tricky business so before dipping your toes into it, make sure
that you do a lot of research so that your investment will be

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Real, Quezon Province, Philippines. Taken during a cloudy day with an ND filter
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Philippines Tourism


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Philippines Tourism

Beaches Are Not the Only Fascinations Philippines Possesses!


eaches, Philippines remains a ‚beach paradise‘ for most fun-seekers! This ‘beach paradise’ is an inebriating cocktail of sandy stretches, sea-side resorts, and unending beach fun! However, this tantalizing ‘beach paradise’ promises much more than just beaches!There is simply no dearth of natural and man-made marvels that catch the attention of the travellers beyond its golden sandy stretches. It would certainly be safe to say that Philippines has everything that makes for a perfectly blissful holiday trip! Read on to know about some such crowd pullers beyond beaches that vie for the attention of travellers buying air tickets to Philippines. Banaue Rice Terraces – BanaueOften touted to be the 8th wonder of the world, The Banaue Rice Terraces are one of the greatest engineering feats of mankind! Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banaue Rice Terraces are like stairways to heaven, with some of them stretching as high as 5,000 feet. No wonder, Banaue Rice Terraces remain a must-visit for those buying air tickets to Philippines to get their senses assailed with some of the most astonishing Filipino attractions. Chocolate Hills – BoholThe Chocolate Hills are yet another big ticket draw of the Philippines. Recognized as the Philippines’ third National Geological Monument, Chocolate Hills are famous for changing colours, varying from green to chocolate brown. Those buying air tickets with a plan to carry back bagful of sweet memories and tall tales to tell can climb 214 steps to an observation outpost only to be treated with the incredibly bewitching views of the hills. Mayon Volcano – BicolImmensely famous across the globe for its near-perfect conical shape and form, the Mayon Volcano is one of the most popular Filipino landmarks. At around a soaring height of 2,463 meters, Mayon Volcano, the Mayon Volcano is a popular tourist destination in the Bicol Region. One can partake in scores of entertaining activities here like hiking, camping, climbing, bird watching and photography.La Union Botanical Garden – Luzon IslandEpithets like „Garden of gardens“ fall short in describing the exquisiteness of the La Union Botanical Garden in a tropical rainforest. This meandering garden brims with a bedazzling array of incredible floral beauty that grows on tropical, sub-tropical, wet, arid and desert climates. Matured tourists buying tickets to Philippines can sample the authentic slice of exotic natural beauty delicately blended with the intoxicating biodiversity and gorgeous surroundings here! Fort Santiago – ManilaFort Santiago is one of the most popular historical landmarks in Philippines that stand as the testimony of the Philippine independence from Spain. The fort houses a brilliant museum featuring exhibits on Spanish artefacts, wares, documents and other articles of historic importance. The Rizal Shrine housed here offers a glimpse into the artefacts and other objects used by the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal. Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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American Guerrilla In the Philippines

Fritz Lang – American Guerrilla In the Philippines

During World War II, Ensign Chuck Palmer, an American naval officer, is stranded in the Japanese-controlled Philippines after his ship is torpedoed. Palmer gathers the other Americans stranded in the Philippines and devises a plan to help the Filipinos create a resistance movement against the Japanese enemy. With rudimentary supplies, Palmer and his group build radio stations from scratch to monitor the movements of the Japanese forces. All the while, Palmer falls for Jeanne Martinez, the wife of a local war hero. By continuing to keep track of the enemy via radio, Palmer and his „troops“ manage to survive until General MacArthur’s return…
Genre: Comedy
Price: 9.99 USD
Collection Price: 9.99 USD



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Philippines Politics

Who Will Inherit the Earth?

Who Will Inherit the Earth?
On Explore/Flickr Top 500, Jan. 26, 2009

It has been said that the meek will inherit the earth. Or was that some opinion derived politically to subdue a population, the people, the culture and was it tainted with the objectives of colonization? Isn’t that those in power have always wanted the population not to have power — hence — saying that the meek(and those who will stay meek) will inherit the earth(oh, the catch was — in their afterlife), when in fact they are abused, exploited and oppressed?

The fluvial parade sometimes gives you a glimmer of lessons as the boats slowly lined up to follow Cebu City’s patron saint. If you have witnessed it, notice how the rich had bigger boats, and this family was even told to "keep away" from the mainstream. Funny how people say the meek will inherit the earth, when in fact they live their whole lives miserably. Or was that idea an idea hatched with evil plans of subduing colonized people?

So will the meek inherit the earth? Or were those people in power wanted the meek to remain meek, and bait them into believing that if they stay meek they will inherit the earth?

Sinulog 2009 / Fluvial Parade
Mactan Channel – East Bank
Cebu City/Mandaue City/LapuLapu City
Cebu, Philippines

By Storm Crypt on 2009-01-17 07:04:08