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Who Will Inherit the Earth?

Who Will Inherit the Earth?
On Explore/Flickr Top 500, Jan. 26, 2009

It has been said that the meek will inherit the earth. Or was that some opinion derived politically to subdue a population, the people, the culture and was it tainted with the objectives of colonization? Isn’t that those in power have always wanted the population not to have power — hence — saying that the meek(and those who will stay meek) will inherit the earth(oh, the catch was — in their afterlife), when in fact they are abused, exploited and oppressed?

The fluvial parade sometimes gives you a glimmer of lessons as the boats slowly lined up to follow Cebu City’s patron saint. If you have witnessed it, notice how the rich had bigger boats, and this family was even told to "keep away" from the mainstream. Funny how people say the meek will inherit the earth, when in fact they live their whole lives miserably. Or was that idea an idea hatched with evil plans of subduing colonized people?

So will the meek inherit the earth? Or were those people in power wanted the meek to remain meek, and bait them into believing that if they stay meek they will inherit the earth?

Sinulog 2009 / Fluvial Parade
Mactan Channel – East Bank
Cebu City/Mandaue City/LapuLapu City
Cebu, Philippines

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