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The Philippines beyond beaches

This article is based on the 2nd largest archipelago of the world, the Philippines. It’s renowned for its pristine beaches and good people. The unique Filipino biodiversity, the underrated Filipino cuisine, the friendliest community of people in the world, lush and distinct landscapes, unique festivals & celebrations of the Philippines, and the enthralling watersports which the gem of Asia has to offer.

Have you been to the Philippines? Have you seen some of the beautiful and peaceful beaches of the country? What good and unforgettable memories do you have in visiting such places in the Philippines?

The Philippines is known all over the world because of its numerous pristine beaches. And not to mention, numbers of Filipino travel blog boast the country’s stunning beaches. But, do you know that the Philippines is not about beaches only. The second-largest archipelago has a lot offer!


The Philippine’s unspoiled beauty beyond the beaches shouldn’t be overlooked.



The Philippines is among the 12 countries all over the world with extreme biodiversity or known as megadiverse countries. Palawan hailed as the best island in the world is one of the biodiversity spots in the Philippines. Some of the distinct species of animals and plants are found only in the country. In Bohol, you will find the world’s second-smallest primate, tarsier, the rarest primate. They are considered to be endemic to Philippine archipelago.


Filipino cuisine

Filipino cuisine is quite underrated! But if you come across famous Filipino travel blog, food is often credited. Filipino dishes are extraction of its remarkable history. Filipino food is a fusion of Eastern and Western ideas and is strongly influenced by Chinese, Spanish and American traditions. Pork Lechon is somehow the epitome of Filipino food, it is roasting whole pork over hot charcoal for 4-5 hours. Cebu is known for a tasty pork Lechon.


Filipino people

People in the Philippines are one of the friendliest people in the world. And tourists can attest to that. You can just wave your hand, say “hi” and a warm reciprocate will be there. The generosity of every Filipino is remarkable. Filipinos or Pinoy always wear a smile, even on the toughest time, at the end you will see them with a smile, saying „this will pass soon“, „it won’t last long“, „God is with us“, and many more positive words that will console themselves allowing them to move forward. At least 92% of the Philippines population belong to Christianity. The faith of Filipinos is steady and incomparable if they are facing difficulties they will think „God is challenging my faith to Him“, they will never think „it’s my punishment“.


Lush Greenery

Philippines’ lush green meadows, beautifully landscaped gardens and verdant hills tend to bring out everyone’s love for nature. Batanes Island is an example of this, the scenic view of the island makes it so relaxing for everyone visiting the island. The Filipino travel blog features Batanes as the own version of Marlboro country. Mountains in the Philippines gives a sense of achievement for some climbers. Trekking on these mountains is a great way of seeing nature really is. In addition, you will find waterfalls, such a great reward after a long trek! And at the top, a panoramic astonishing view, or you can just watch the sun as it sets.   


Vibrant Festivities

Festivals in the Philippines displays the richness of its culture. Traditions that have been inherited and valued. Up to the present, festivals are being celebrated extravagantly showcasing the uniqueness of custom. Filipino travel blog highlights some of the famous festivals such as Panagbenga in Baguio City (a flower festival every February), Ati-atihan in Kalibo Aklan a Mardi Grass-like celebration of the country, Maskara Festival, Pintados, Dinagyang Festival and many more. Festival is for honouring some saints and religious icon in the country, other festivals are for thanksgiving which the people believed to be essential.    


Water activities

The country is one of the favourite places for diving and snorkelling. Moalboal in Cebu offers the most vibrant neon colours of marine life. Philippines aquamarine has been a very famous destination for underwater photography. Tourist from all over the world is encouraged to visit the Philippines to experience the adrenaline rush of its watersports. Siargao’s Cloud9 is known for having a reputation of thick, hollow tube waves, which a source of elation for a surfer.


The Philippines is the gem of Asia! Increasing the Filipino travel blog accentuates the beauty of the country. So now we can say, the Philippines has pristine beaches, extreme biodiversity, a fusion of cuisine, happy people, green mountainsFree Web Content, colourful festivals and amazing water sports.

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