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Local Philippines: Say Hello To Iloilo

Got enough of the Philippines? If not head down to Iloilo to explore
more astonishing tourist attractions in the archipelago of 7,107

With an area of 4,829.1 square kilometers, this beautiful province is
the commercial, industrial, financial, and cultural center of the
Western Visayas region. Iloilo, which is also considered the cradle of
early Philippine civilization, is subdivided into 42 municipalities, one
component city, and one highly urbanized city. The province is bordered
by Antique to the west and Capiz and the Jintotolo Channel to the

Like Boracay and Palawan, Iloilo’s beaches are worth exploring. Its
beaches are known for its white sand and gentle waves. Tourists can also
select from a wide array of resorts and vacation packages that suit
their interest and budget. Here is a sampling of the premier tourist attractions in Iloilo.

Miag-ao Church

Recognized for its fortress-like design, Miag-ao Church is deemed as one
of the country’s architectural and religious masterpieces. Located in
the first-class municipality of Miag-ao, the church was built in 1786 by
Augustinian priests, making it one of the oldest in the Philippines. In
1993, Miag-ao Church, which is also known as Church of Santo Tomas de
Villanueva, was included in the UNESCO Word Heritage List.

Agho Beach

Agho Beach is a perfect weekend destination
for travelers looking for a serene atmosphere. Its white sand and
crystal-clear water are comparable to some of the world’s finest. Agho
Beach also caters to the needs of the adventurous. Diving, boating, and
snorkeling are some of the water recreations visitors can enjoy here.
There are also cottages and picnic sheds for the whole family near the
beach. Beautiful and pristine beaches can also be found in the towns of
Concepcion, Carles, San Joaquin, and Ajuy.

Dinagyang Festival

Dinagyang Festival is the pride of Iloilo. Celebrated annually on the
fourth Sunday of January, this colorful event in Iloilo City is a way of
honoring the Santo Niño. It is also held to commemorate the arrival of
Malay settlers in Panay. During the festival, street dancers dressed in
vibrant costumes shout the thundering words “Hala Bira” (Hit them).

Iloilo Museum

To know more about the province and its culture, you should visit the
Iloilo Museum. Located beside the provincial capitol, the museum houses
various artifacts such as fossil collections, Chinese potteries, and war
relics. It also showcases new and Spanish-era masterpieces made by
local artists and craftsmen.

Ilonggo Delicacies

Aside from fascinating man-made and natural attractions, Iloilo is also
famous for its food. Thus an ultimate Iloilo adventure is never complete
without tasting dozens of mouth-watering Ilonggo delicacies such as
Cabanatuan’s tinuom, Pototan’s aripahol, Alimodia’s sinakol, and Passi
City’s dried pineapple. But two of most famous among Ilonggo dishes are
the La Paz batchoy and inasal (grilled chicken).

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