It is easy now to send birthday gift flowers, cakes, etc. online to Philippines

It is easy now to send birthday gift flowers, cakes, etc. online to Philippines. You can use many different ways to send gifts to Philippines to your loved ones–You can arrange for the delivery or shipment yourself through courier, or, have someone you know hand carry it to the recipient for you; on the other hand, a more easy way to deliver gifts to Philippines is through online gift stores like Regalomanila.com. 

Through Regalo Manila, you can send birthday gift (Philippine delivery option), and even send birthday flower bouquets and other gifts, in just a few clicks of the button. Payment is simple and secure with credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, and other options; plus, shopping online is open 24/7.

It is easy to choose the best ‘happy birthday gift’ for your loved one on the website itself, and delivery is possible to most locations in the Philippines as long as there is a nearby LBC (the leading express courier/ shipping and cargo service provider in the Phils.) Deliveries are available same day, next day, and even special ‘midnight’ for certain events or occasions.


Many people from all over the world including foreigners and OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) –indeed send gifts online to Philippines for various different occasions. Many online gift shops categorize gifts based on different Philippine occasions, namely Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Wedding gifts, Valentines gifts, etc. Online gift shops can significantly reduce your efforts in hunting and shopping for good, simple, meaningful yet reasonable gifts for the people closest to your heart.


One benefit of shopping online is that you can find a lot of gift choices to please your recipient. And, another benefit of online shopping is that many websites offer great gifts too with competitive prices, and not to mention seasonal discounts.


Online gift stores indeed are great for those living abroad and have access to a working computer and internet. You can instantly buy or order gifts for your loved ones, be it non-perishable or perishable ones such as cakes, flowers, chocolates, fruit, and even food from a restaurant. For birth day, birthday cake and birthday flower gifts are especially the most popular choices.


When you send gifts to Philippines though, make sure you order only through a reputable website. Regalomanila is a great choice but you may also surf and search the internet further for other online gift stores. Find one that is not just popular on the search engines, but also has positive reviews or high user ratings.


When you shop for a birthday gift online, make sure you carefully read each product’s details or descriptions, especially its shipping or delivery information. You can also compare similar products’ prices, inclusions, etc. Note that when you are planning to buy/ order a birthday flower, birthday cake, etc. onlineFind Article, schedule the most appropriate delivery time so your recipient will be available to receive his/ her gift. And don’t forget to take advantage of the free greeting card which you can send with a customizable message. Your birthday gift will be even more special and memorable even in the days to come.


Send gifts to Philippines now. Send a birthday gift from the heart with a fast and easy online shopping and delivery service like Regalo Manila. The company’s website is www.regalomanila.com and their Facebook fan page is at facebook.com/regalomanilamain. Visit and Like them for more information.

Shopping online has become more and more popular and is growing day by day with today’s Internet and Technology. It’s probably the most convenient way now to send gifts to the Philippines wherever you are.

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