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Cheapest Flights To Philippines- Unearthing A Beautiful Land


Medical tourism has seen rapid growth in Philippines. Modern technology and efficient doctors have enhanced the reputation of the country. Medical aid is offered at a very cheap rate in comparison to first world countries. Thus, the country sees a big tourist inflow for medical reasons.Manila is the most visited destination in the country. It is the capital and teems with beautiful architecture and nightlife. Dining and shopping is fun in the city. The city has some beautiful churches to lure the tourists. Manila Flights are offered from various places in the world. Intramuros attracts lots of tourists due to its historical importance. This place has a lot of history associated with it. The city is famous due to Spanish era influences. Various churches are also present within the walled city. The city also has number of historical artifacts.The Chinatown district of Manila is another reputed place that allures tourists. The place is known as Binondo and it has fine churches and Chinese restaurants. Chinese herbal stores are also found here. The place is also an important area for commerce. Different kinds of stuff are found here. Ingredients like ginseng, shark fin cartilage, deer horn, dried snake and bird’s nest are found at the apothecaries here. The Chocolate Hills is very popular among visitors. These hills are equal in size and shape. When the dry season ends, they usually turn chocolate color. The hills have a legend associated with them. The story says that two giants were fighting and throwing sand and stones at each other. When the fight ended, they went away from the island. But the hills were made due to the mess created by them. The Aklan province of Philippines has various endemic species. The natural scenery is also a pleasure for the eyes. Animals like Philippine Spotted Deer, Visayan warty pig and Tarictic Hornbill are found here. The famous resort island, Boracay, is also present here. The island is reputed for pristine beaches and beautiful scenery. The traveler likes to visit distant places. To satisfy his curiosity, travel companies are offering flights to places as diverse as UK, Manila.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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